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> Motatapu
> Red Witch Analog
> Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon

BrandCom has completed a number of projects, which have called upon us to extend ourselves beyond the realms of a traditional branding and marketing agency, and into business consultancy and management to on just create a brand but commercialise it.

This has meant rolling up our sleeves and pushing the business forward, often taking executive or director roles, and sometimes even taking equity positions.

Over the past decade this has become Geoff's expertise.

Our love for commercialising business opportunities actually grew out the need to help reorganise client's businesses before we could help them with their branding or marketing.


Often when people said to us that they "needed a hand with their marketing", what we found was that they really needed a hand to restructure their business first.

Expending cash to gain new customers, only to disappoint them because the business couldn't deliver on its brand promises, seemed to us a huge waste of precious resources.

New Ideas
From there it was not-so-big-a-leap to helping launch new business ideas, and commercialise them.

Over the past ten years BrandCom has gained a reputation for being able to take a big idea from conception to delivery in the market place.