Seven Sisters Range

Seven Sisters Range

Red Witch Analog

In 2009 this boutique New Zealand guitar effects pedals company enlisted BrandCom’s expertise to help the company achieve its vision of moving from a one-man-in-his-garage business to a major player in the world of guitar effects pedals. BrandCom took an equity position in Red Witch Analog as well as bringing on other investors to help develop the company. In the first year (and in a brave move) we used virtually all of the very modest marketing budget to build an industry-leading website, with new never-seen-before functionality that the world’s biggest guitar magazine, Premier Guitar, called game changer. It worked, it changed the game for Red Witch and helped elevate the company in the eyes of the consumer, and in the process doubled yearly sales (during the recession).

Red Witch is now one of the fastest growing technology companies ranked by the Asia Pacific Fast 50 Index. Read More

BrandCom won the TVNZ New Zealand Marketing Award in the best emerging business category for Red Witch Analog in 2010 for this campaign. Read More

In 2011 BrandCom helped Seven Sisters range of pedals which won Red Witch the presitous award of 2011 International Pedal Builder of the Year, as well as the 2012 American Chamber of Commerce Exporter of the Year Award.

BrandCom and Red Witch also won two TVNZ New Zealand Marketing Awards in 2012 for Transformational Marketing award and for the Technology category itself.  Read More